About us

The founder of Bright River for Transportation Goods co. has worked in the field of freight since 1989. He began his voyage in the field of logistics by transporting goods within the Middle East in 1989 and as his experience widened with the years the Bright River Transportation of Goods Co. expanded. Today, Bright River for Transportation Goods is an international company employing more than 200 people providing its services all around the globe, dealing with the largest multi-national companies.

Bright River for Transportation Goods Co. freight transports commodities worldwide; we deal with both the intricate logistics and freight forwarding requirements of international businesses. Whether your requirements are for imports, exports, domestic transport, warehousing, customs management or logistics solutions, we’re qualified to deal with your needs.

We at Bright River believe logistics in today's globalised economy is no longer "just logistics". For the multiple companies we represent, the quickest and most price-efficient transportation of their goods is a key element of an overall strategic route, and can make all the difference to their corporate operations.

Whether you need more capacity, are entering new markets, dealing with production surges or working to achieve better on-time delivery and cost control, at Bright River for Transportation Goods Co. we tailor our services to the particular needs of every single client to give them the rest of mind they need whilst their cargo is on the move.

Bright River’s Chairman is a certified Trade & Logistics Professional – Dubai Trade.

We promise to provide your business a service of excellence, from collection through to the destination.